Crypto DNS

In our earlier tutorial we created a domain. So how we use it? The easiest is to make a GET on the Unstoppable Domains API using the domain name as the parameter: We can also use the blockchain via the Unstoppable Domains library. Set up your project on Infura and write a script toContinue reading “Crypto DNS”

OpenSea Tutorial

Once you’ve created your domain on Unstoppable Domains (see here for the tutorial). If you wish to offer your domain to the market you can sell it at OpenSea. The first thing you have to do is login using your wallet. The interesting thing is that you have to sign in using your private keyContinue reading “OpenSea Tutorial”

Using Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is the “DNS” of the crypto world. Your nasty public address gets converted to something nice like “mycoolstuff.crypto”. Not just your Ethereum address, but BitCoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Some of the currently supported wallets are Trust, Moonlet and Coinomi which are phone apps (I haven’t tested them yet). Web-based wallets such as MetaMaskContinue reading “Using Unstoppable Domains”