Using the Uniswap V2 SDK

In this post we’ll be using the Uniswap SDK to do a swap between Ether and DAI. This was done in an earlier post here. However this was using Uniswap V1 and there is now an SDK for Uniswap V2 which we’ll look at. The first thing we’ll do is use a forked version ofContinue reading “Using the Uniswap V2 SDK”

Calculating Uniswap Fees

Uniswap is one source of passive income in the Defi space, but how are those returns worked out? How exactly do you make passive income from Uniswap? And what exactly is an impermanent loss? Can you make a loss with Uniswap? It recently became important because of the price of Ether has gone crazy ofContinue reading “Calculating Uniswap Fees”

AAVE Deposit/Borrowing Tutorial Part II

Using Uniswap to get DAI This is part 2 of a 4 part series. In this tutorial we’ll be getting some DAI from the Uniswap contract so we can play with Aave’s smart contracts. It would probably be simpler to go to some account that already has some DAI (and Ether for gas). Or toContinue reading “AAVE Deposit/Borrowing Tutorial Part II”