Staking Update March 2021

The server rack has been built and various chains are up and running. I’ve been meaning to document what has been built as it has been running for a few months now (the rack was built towards the end of 2020 and hasn’t changed since). The specs: Rack: StarTech 25U (130cm x 88cm x 47cm).Continue reading “Staking Update March 2021”

Building a Cardano Pool using an Air-Gapped Raspberry Pi

When building blockchain servers, it is essential to build an air-gapped server (or “cold environment”). It is easy to be lazy in this area and not bother (especially if you are in a hurry), but this is a requirement rather than a nice to have. Here’s the why/what: Protects against key-logging attacks, malware/virus based attacksContinue reading “Building a Cardano Pool using an Air-Gapped Raspberry Pi”

Building a Staking Server – What to Stake?

I’ve been spending a lot of time investigating staking as a passive form of crypto income. Yes, I’ve had a big stint with Uniswap and put some BitCoin with BlockFi. I haven’t done yield farming unless Ampleforth counts. With staking there are essentially two options – give your crypto to somebody else and they willContinue reading “Building a Staking Server – What to Stake?”

The Problem with Tron

Tron came into prominence recently when its price hit around $0.047 after being below $0.02 for most of the year and was likely due to the news of Tron 4.0 being released: So this is great even after the recent altcoin crash and Tron is definitely worth look at. The question we are asking isContinue reading “The Problem with Tron”