Ethereum Mining

The crypto server has been running for 6 months and things have gone almost to plan. The server specs were basically designed for Filecoin but there were many issues with installing it (see here). We are at the stage where the Filecoin miner needs 1TB to run. Since the 2TB SSD has been partitioned, anotherContinue reading “Ethereum Mining”

Ethereum’s Crazy Ponzi Schemes is interesting in that it shows the biggest generators of gas fees on the Ethereum network. It is also interesting to see how many of them are Ponzi schemes. The biggest at #2 is Forsage (yes, you can argue that Tether is a Ponzi scheme as well) . As I was writing this, EthContinue reading “Ethereum’s Crazy Ponzi Schemes”

Using Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is the “DNS” of the crypto world. Your nasty public address gets converted to something nice like “mycoolstuff.crypto”. Not just your Ethereum address, but BitCoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Some of the currently supported wallets are Trust, Moonlet and Coinomi which are phone apps (I haven’t tested them yet). Web-based wallets such as MetaMaskContinue reading “Using Unstoppable Domains”