Building a Staking Server – What to Stake?

I’ve been spending a lot of time investigating staking as a passive form of crypto income. Yes, I’ve had a big stint with Uniswap and put some BitCoin with BlockFi. I haven’t done yield farming unless Ampleforth counts. With staking there are essentially two options – give your crypto to somebody else and they willContinue reading “Building a Staking Server – What to Stake?”

Using the Uniswap V2 SDK

In this post we’ll be using the Uniswap SDK to do a swap between Ether and DAI. This was done in an earlier post here. However this was using Uniswap V1 and there is now an SDK for Uniswap V2 which we’ll look at. The first thing we’ll do is use a forked version ofContinue reading “Using the Uniswap V2 SDK”

AAVE Deposit/Borrowing Tutorial Part IV

Borrowing in Aave This is part 4 of a 4 part series. We’ll use our existing funds to borrow a percentage of what we’ve deposited. This code is on–tutorial. Remember to create your .env with the account and private key. For brevity only the changes to deposit.js are shown. We’ll be borrowing 5 DAIContinue reading “AAVE Deposit/Borrowing Tutorial Part IV”