OpenSea Tutorial

Once you’ve created your domain on Unstoppable Domains (see here for the tutorial). If you wish to offer your domain to the market you can sell it at OpenSea.

  1. The first thing you have to do is login using your wallet. The interesting thing is that you have to sign in using your private key in your wallet. A sign of things to come?
  1. It then looks at your domains and displays them. These domains need to have been “claimed” in Unstoppable Domains. Those in the “pending claim” state won’t be shown.
  1. When the domain is selected, you can then sell or “gift” that domain.
  1. To sell your first domain, some account initialization is required which obviously goes on the blockchain.
  1. And some more blockchain calls. This also only occurs when selling the first domain.
  1. The next step occurs for successive domain sales. A signature confirmation is required to sell the domain.
  1. You can then set your price or send it to auction (or bundle it with other domains). You can set the price in ETH, DAI or USDC. When you sell, OpenSea takes a 2.5% commission.
  1. Once you’ve set your price, you’ll then see the listing is successful and view it on OpenSea.
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And that’s it! Further domain sales require a few less steps. And you can update the price at any time.

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