Using Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is the “DNS” of the crypto world. Your nasty public address gets converted to something nice like “mycoolstuff.crypto”. Not just your Ethereum address, but BitCoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

Some of the currently supported wallets are TrustMoonlet and Coinomi which are phone apps (I haven’t tested them yet). Web-based wallets such as MetaMask don’t appear to be supported just yet.

You can also set the address to an IPFS page. Navigation to these domains is possible if you have the Unstoppable Domains Chrome extension installed. I guess full browser support will come one day 🙂

So let’s get a new domain!

  1. Got to Unstoppable Domains and search for something you like:

The price you pay depends on the demand for those keywords. Some keywords aren’t available like “trader.crypto” or “exchange.crypto” but you will be offered variants.

The Zilliqa blockchain is obviously involved as you see “.zil” extensions and they are cheaper. Looking at the history of Unstoppable Domains you see the .crypto extension came a few months after the .zil extension. The .crypto extension uses the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Complete the purchase, and you will see your domain in a “Pending Claim” status. Other previous domains appear in the list. I’ve decided to throw a few in and see what happens – contact me if you’re interested! They are available in OpenSea and this is in the next tutorial.
  1. You’ll have to “claim” the address. You’ll need to do this if you want to use or sell this domain. This involves a confirmation email, attaching a wallet like MetaMask to this address (at no extra cost) and a final confirmation.
  2. Don’t be concerned if your final address isn’t the one you will eventually use. MetaMask doesn’t work with my Ledger due to Chrome, so just use a hot wallet for now.
  1. Now you can manage the domain. Selecting this shows the existing Ethereum address and a list of other cryptocurrencies (there is around 50 of them).
  2. Add your email and indicate if you wish to sell it. Updates require a signature (no cost).
  3. Add your own custom IPFS page using Pinata.Cloud (or similar) and add the hash and the alternate website.

See it working here, or add the Chrome extension and see it in https://cryptocamtech.crypto.

In the next tutorial we’ll sell our new domain on OpenSea.

And of course we’ll play with the Unstoppable Domains here.

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